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Digital Impact Agents

We are a close team of design and technology professionals, based out of the Pearl City Hyderabad. We help businesses in their digital transformation, with a full stack of services across development, design and brand consulting verticals.
“We build thoughtful identities and experiences to elevate and empower organizations.”
Anuraj Parameswaran
COO, Creative Director, Rev Media

Our Approach

We help you using a proven, 5 step approach
In the discovery phase, we understand your business, your audience, your core needs and challenges and your objectives. This phase involves discovery consultations, market analyses, primary and secondary research and stakeholder interviews.
In the design phase, we craft an optimum solution for you, based on the insights gathered from the discovery phase. This phase involves scenario analyses, field research, usability analysis and design thinking.
During the development phase, we implement the solutions crafted in the design phase. This phase involves media asset creation, CRM and CMS setup, software development, quality testing and integration with existing information and enterprise systems.
During the launch phase, we get the products of the development phase out in the real world. This phase involves asset delivery, software installation, training and troubleshooting.
Post launch, we analyze the solution’s performance in the real world, both on a recurring and an ad hoc basis. The insights gained from this phase influence our future design decisions and help us optimize the solution for better performance. This phase typically involves user research, system analytics, support requests and updates.

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